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CEO's Message

Welcome IF Pilots

Warmly welcome to China Southern Virtual. I am the CEO and founder of this new virtual airline. We hope to bring you an excellent experience and fly together as aviation enthusiasts. You can become one of our staff or our pilots. Our virtual airline has a significant number of routes and aircraft to fly and even more coming with codeshares. 

Come and join us in the skies.

And Stay Safe, Take Care 

Nelson S 

CEO & Founder of China Southern Virtual


In China Southern Virtual you can fly with 10 different types of aircraft representing 6 different airlines.


Achieve your ranks and unlock our fleets at different ranks. The higher rank you are the more aircraft you can fly 


China Southern operated to 300+ destinations and having a handful number of routes to explore the world , More to come with Codeshares


Hubs of China Southern, you can bring our aircrafts in and out of these and our focus citits


See where our Pilots are flying!